The WHB Concept

Becoming parents to twin boys had a huge impact on us and how we chose to live our lives. Suddenly, all those things we knew we could do a bit better - the small improvements to the way we were living, the products we were choosing, the things we were exposing ourselves to - all those things on our 'TO DO' list suddenly became urgent.

Suddenly we were parents of two, a family of four, and really needed to save a lot more of our money to pay for all our new responsibilities. We needed to prioritize our spending and find innovative ways to save money without compromising our lifestyle or giving-up any opportunities.

Providing a healthy home in a modern city became paramount and we were terrified by all the everyday products in our home, which contained chemicals we know can cause some cancers, diabetes, reproductive disorders, and behavioural problems. 

Setting a good example for our children, who will inherit an uncertain but certainly more challenging future and showing them how to live efficiently, frugally, and less wastefully became a priority. Being able to show them what we, personally, have done to try to make their future better, became essential. 

The research took years (literally like, 3 years) and we have trialed and tested many products (and quite a few have failed). We started Wealthy Healthy Better because we wanted to help other families fast-track their own life improvements, stop wasting their money on products they don't need that are making them sick and live more responsibly, sustainably, and in a way that will make their kids proud. We've curated LIFE HACK PACKS to help launch families towards a wealthier, healthier and better life. 

We're scientists, software developers and business managers. We've applied our unique combination of skills to access and interpret the latest health and environmental research, crunch the numbers and provide products that will kick-start you towards a better life.